Curl Curl Engagement Photography – Cara & Anthony.

Cara and Anthony were looking forward to this shoot with trepidation. Like most people, they were unfamiliar with being in front of a camera for a photo session and were keen to jump into it but anxious about how to act. I gave them a few initial directions and tips so they would look more natural in front of the camera and help things flow more smoothly and then it was time to take the plunge, and they did it with gusto.

Initially feeling a little awkward, they giggled and laughed and obviously felt downright silly (especially while passersby would look intently at them), but they really started to get into it. After a while, the self consciousness disappeared and they just immersed themselves into the fun of the photoshoot. After some time we moved on to the North Head at Manly for some different photos. This is an absolutely stunning part of the world. If you are getting married on the Northern Beaches and you want some Manly Wedding Photography photos, this is an area you shouldn’t miss. You can see some of their photos here. Some are just plain fun while others have a much more serious fashion feel about them.

Cara and Anthony’s full photoshoot can be accessed here – you will need to obtain your password from Cara or Anthony to view the images.

Engagement Photoshoot Curl Curl
Curl Engagement Photography
Curl Engagement
Engagement Photoshoot Curl Curl
Engagement Photoshoot Curl Curl
Photoshoot Curl Curl Engagement