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Gunners Barracks Weddings

Gunners Barracks Wedding
Cassie & Nick

What a stunning location for a wedding with Sydney Harbour and City in the background! Gunners Barracks in Mosman is one of the most incredible venues and provides the most spectacular backdrop to your perfect day. Cassie and Nick's wedding was nothing short of amazing with Cassie looking absolutely gorgeous and Nick as dapper as anyone could be.

Gunners Barracks Wedding - Cassie and Ni
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Gunners Barracks Wedding
Caty & Aaron

I love this type of wedding, Caty and Aaron decided to go for a 'First Look' wedding. A first look wedding has the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time in a private and intimate setting before the ceremony. They get to spend quiet time with each other without all the guests and family's eyes on them. This allows me capture fantastic natural reactions of them seeing each other for the first time as well the beautiful, romantic moments that unfold from there.