Are your pets your children? 


Hi, I'm Dean and our dogs are not just an extended part of our family, they are our family. They sleep in our bed, eat all of the offcuts during the cooking of meals as well as half of our meals while we eat, cost us way more than we can afford at the vet and make our lives wonderful.

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Would you rather some gorgeous prints of your favourite furry, feathered or scaly child than a phone full of average snaps? 

I have a love for all animals (although a little reserved on spiders and snakes!). I will get down in the sand, up in the trees or out in the water with them to get the perfect shot for you.


We recently lost our beautiful little girl, a gorgeous salt and pepper miniature schnauzer called Gypsie. She was the most beautiful natured animal and it was absolutely heartbreaking to lose her. It's strange to think that even though I am a professional photographer, we have lots of snaps of her but only a few photos that I took properly. I truly regret never having a photo of me and her together.

I am so glad I do have those wall worthy photos now because we have large prints of her on our wall and it is so nice to be able to see her every day.

Make sure you don't miss out on having some beautiful prints of your favourite furry family member. You won't ever regret it.

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Inside or out?


This is completely up to you.

  • If you love nature and don't mind the pet and kids getting dirty, wet or just running around wild in nature, then lets hit the bush!

  • If you love the beach and the kids go crazy running into the water and splashing around, I'm in!

  • If your pet is a homebody and would rather just hang around the house and yard, great. Let's do it! 

Pet Photography Northern Beaches - Mia a

Have a favourite place?


If it is not too far away then let's shoot there and if you don't, I can make some great suggestions for locations.

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Rather just talk with me about it first?