Family Photography

Are your kids wild and out of control? 


I'm Dean and I truly love capturing the wild and uncontrollable energy that young children have. The louder and naughtier the better. None of this stiff, awkward posed stuff. I celebrate the hyperactivity and want to capture those laugh out loud moments.

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Have you given up on having professional photos taken of your children because you think it will be impossible to control them? 


Well I am the man for you. It is not about controlling them, I want to capture their full personality, warts and all!


This means there may be some some yelling and crying, but there will also be a lot of laughter and fun and just being kids. These are the great memories and that is what I want to capture. 

This is where those awesome faces, the laughter, the smiles, the yelling, the screaming and even the crying all come together to create amazing photos.

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Inside or out?


This is completely up to you.

  • If you love nature and don't mind the kids getting dirty, wet or just running around wild in nature, then lets hit the bush!

  • If you love the beach and the kids go crazy running into the water and splashing around, I'm in!

  • If you would rather just hang around the house and yard, great. Let's do it! We can get a few studio style shots at the same time.

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Have a favourite place?


If it is not too far away then let's shoot there and if you don't, I can make some great suggestions for locations.

Sydney Family Photographer Seaforth

Rather just talk with me about it first?