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Having beautiful photos of those truly important times of your life is such a wonderful thing. Being able to watch your family grow throughout the years, seeing that loving connection with your partner, or reminisce about cherished pets through photos is to be treasured.

Hi, I'm Dean

I have been photographing professionally now for over 20 years. Although I have a lot of experience in many areas of photography, the two things that really warm my heart are pets and the connection between family members.

The natural reactions that happen when I ask my clients things about themselves or loved ones or ask them to do certain things is where the magic happens. True emotion is created and that's what I love to capture. Sure it is nice to have the standard portraits, but when you can feel the love or humour coming from a natural interaction, that is priceless!


4. Hang your beautiful wall art and display your album

After the delivery of your wall art and albums, it is time to proudly hang or display them. Big wall art really makes a statement and can change the look of a room completely. This is wall art that is never going to go out of style and you will be happy to have it hanging always.

The Experience

Get in touch either by phone, email or schedule a consultation session directly on my bookings page. When the call is scheduled, I will contact you and this is where I will get to know all about you. This part is really important because it will allow me to work with your personalities, your likes and loves and help build the ideal type of photo session for you. Have you thought about where you would like to hang your wall art in your home?
You will be required to pay the session fee of $149 (Normally $200) at the time of booking and can be paid online when scheduling your photoshoot. (This fee does not include any product or digital files).

2. Prior to Shoot

Once your session has been scheduled, I will send you information on how to prepare for your photo session, such as things to wear, items to bring and what to expect from the session. I will get in touch with you a few days beforehand to answer any questions that you may have about the upcoming session.

3. The Session

Time to have fun! This is going to be awesome. Whatever type of session you have booked, it will be very relaxed, and starts with us getting to know each other a little bit. I will be shooting during this time but we will just be enjoying ourselves whether it is with or without some furry friends. Once we are comfortable with each other, I will start giving a few directions and we can really start creating some gorgeous images.

4. After the Session

  1. It's time to view your gallery of awesome images, woohoo! Approximately 2 weeks after your session, your gallery will be ready to view and you can begin to choose your favourite images.
  2. Select your package and order your package as soon as you can to take advantage of the discount for orders placed within the first 48 hours from when they are made available to you.
  3. Make sure to also take advantage of the $100 print credit to be applied to any wall art piece or album you decide to purchase. (Fantastic as gifts ideas)
  4. Share your images with friends and family.
  5. Fall in love with the prints, albums or wall art that you buy. The quality will amaze you.

1. Schedule a Consultation

What can I do with my photos

La Perouse Engagement Photography Canvas

Wall Art

A great way to display your photos is to print it large. Your images are transformed when the are displayed on your walls in large format.

Canvas Prints have a beautiful traditional feel reminiscent of the great painters of the 16th to 19th century paintings.


Quality is extremely important when you are investing in your memories.


Guarantee : My canvas prints are archival and guaranteed for 75 years.

The Frame : Heavy duty, high quality hardwood frames that will not warp, unlike cheaper frames. The inside edges of the frame are also rounded so that as time goes by, there will not be any edges showing on the canvas. 

Ready to hang : prints come finished at the back with acid-free frame tape and gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire.


Acrylic Prints :  are just beautiful. They give incredible clarity to the images. The archival prints are guaranteed against discolouration and fading for 30 years and sandwiched with the highest quality photograde plexiglass. All Icemounts are finished with diamond polishing, buffing and a final hand polish! Finished with metal corner mounts for a unique look that enhances everything from a professional gallery display to family photos.

Albums & Keepsakes

If you decide that you just can't do without a whole lot of photos from the session, then an album is a perfect way be able to display the images. Being able to sit with your loved ones, feeling the tactile nature of the album while you turn the pages together. These are moments you will cherish and remember. The feeling is something you just can't capture flicking through images on a device


This lay flat album is a beautiful keepsake for those precious moments. It is a hard cover album with sturdy pages of gorgeous archival prints.


You have a choice of two hemp covers (Bondi Sand and Moroccan Pepper and it comes in a box and environmentally conscious ecalico bag.

Keepsake Box

You are going to end up with 30 or more photos from your session and the best way to view them is not digitally but in your hands as prints.


When you choose to purchase this keepsake box, all of your prints will be included, and printed on gorgeous high quality fine art paper.


This beautiful keepsake box is the perfect presentation piece for keeping all of your amazing prints safe.

2-up folder

This is a great parent gift or even for yourself to have your favourite photos always displayed on your side table or work desk. They are a simple but beautiful two image picture frame, sturdy and self standing.

They come in Natural, Teal, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink, Blue & Black and either portrait or landscape.

Would you prefer to ask me a question before speaking to me?

If you would rather ask me some questions, no problem. Just click the button below to contact me and you can ask me anything. I will respond as soon as I get the chance.

Ph - 0433 434 939

I'd love to hear about your family


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