A simple corporate profile portrait.

I was photographing a property for William Tsagaris from BradfieldCleary Real Estate Agency and he asked me if I could do a quick shot of him his instagram feed. Rather than just doing a quick snap, I thought we could do something a little more polished and photograph a corporate portrait. As I had some lighting equipment with me, I quickly setup this shot with an off camera flash bouncing off a white wall.

A quick test shot to get the right exposure, and then some basic instructions to get him into a suitable pose. Nailed in one take!

I have been on property shoots with William a number of times now and he is a lot of fun to work with, very personable with his clients and a great sales agent. He had some nice words to say about this photoshoot as well today on his instagram account.

If you are interested in having your corporate profile photo taken, you can either book directly or contact me to discuss it further.

You can see it and his profile here.... William Tsagaris Instagram

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