Rescued Italian Greyhound (I'm calling him Fangio)

Rescued Italian Greyhound (I’m calling Fangio)

Last Friday, I was travelling up from Sydney to a photoshoot at Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River when I almost hit a small Italian Greyhound that was about to run onto the old Pacific Highway. Luckily I missed him and so did the car following behind me. It was just near the ‘Pie in the Sky’ cafe, just up the hill from Brooklyn.

I couldn’t immediately stop as it was on a bend but managed to turn around a little further down the road. I drove back to the cafe to see if anyone knew of the dog (Fangio) at all. No-one had seen it before so I decided to go and see if I could catch him and take him to safety. 

Fangio had disappeared down a fire trail, so I walked further along and came across him not too far in from the main road. He was very timid and anytime I approached, he would back off so I decided to try something different. I faced away from Fangio and sat on the ground not looking at him.

After only about 5 seconds, I thought I would sneak a peek and looked back but he wasn’t there so I was about to get up and turned around the other way only to find him right beside me sniffing my arm. What a great stroke of luck! He was very happy for me to start patting him, and within a minute I was able to draw him close and pick him up. He was nervous but immediately snuggled up to me.

He was so emaciated and looked like he hadn’t eaten for a week or longer, and he was covered in sores. I walked back to the cafe and asked if they could look after him just until I finished my photography job. They were happy to do that for me. They also gave him some food, which he woofed down. He didn’t seem thirsty, as the rain that had just been through must have provided enough water to keep him sustained. He was such a cuddly little guy and was desperate for some loving.

While over at Dangar Island, the staff at the cafe thought it was better to take him to the vet, rather than wait for me. I really appreciated it, but was also disappointed I wasn’t able to take him myself as I felt completely responsible for him. Since then, I have been trying to track what has happened to him, and have found that he is now being treated at a vet associated with the dog rescue shelter (Denise at Paws). Fangio's chip didn't produce an owner but it seems as though he was some 30-40km away from where the chip indicated he was homed.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to get a nice photo of him as I was in a rush to get to my appointment on the day but the staff at the cafe were kind enough to send me one they took after Fangio had gorged himself silly.

This is Fangio (the highway warrior)

Fangio had some quite serious sores and abcesses on him, but it looks like he will fully recover which is fantastic news and he should be homed with a loving family soon.

Because I felt such an affinity to Fangio after rescuing him, I thought I would do a photography special offer for Italian greyhounds for a month. This has now also given me the idea to do a different special each month - Breed of the Month. 

Starting this month of November 2020, I am going to run an Italian Greyhound photography special. If you are interested in this, please have a look here at the Breed of the Month SPECIAL.

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