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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography

You’ve spent months preparing for this, organising all the little details, the perfect bridal dress, reception settings, gifts and the list goes on. The last thing you need to worry about are your photos. That’s my job, no matter the weather on the day, I know I’m going to capture beautiful images that will help you remember the day in the most beautiful way so just leave it to me and have the best day of your life.

Weddings can be very stressful to organise especially if you’re a very hands on bride. This is where I can make a big difference. Almost as soon as you meet me, you will realise that I’m calm, to a fault really (so my wife says)! I am a calming influence and you will find yourself being far more relaxed than you expected in front of the camera. If you feel at all awkward, I will guide you. If you love the camera, we will play up to that and let you be yourself. I will direct where needed and shoot candidly where situations play out naturally. And best of all, if your man shies away from the camera, I’ll make him look a million bucks.

My collections all include high resolution print ready digital files from the days coverage starting at $2990.

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Now what?

Let’s grab a beer / coffee / wine together, whatever your poison. I would love to hear everything about your wedding day and what you have planned. If you like, I can help you plan your day, guiding you right through from start to finish so you walk away with a clear initial schedule that works for you. This may change over time, but it will be a great foundation for your initial planning. Let me know about the style of photography you want, locations, any must have shots and if you are unsure about any of it, I will help paint a picture with my own ideas.

I would love to hear about all the special details of your day. I want to know what makes you both tick, what it is about each other that just makes you smile when you’re alone, the silly things and the special things about each other. I’d love to learn the things you both want captured, the way he laughs, how shy she is when being complimented, goofy faces one of you pulls, the things that most people don’t notice but you are so keenly aware of.

I’m a big believer in getting to know each other before you make the commitment of hiring me as your photographer. You should feel comfortable with me and confident that I will be able to deliver for you on the day, but not just that, I should be able to be counted on to help keep you calm when things go balls up. As I mentioned earlier, I am very chilled and calm under pressure and you will find that reassuring if chaos erupts.

Once you have decided that I am just what you need for your special day, we might have a beer or two and go through the formalities of contracts and other logistics. I will keep in touch with you about your schedule and be there to help with advice if needed should unforeseen changes have to be made.

So now your day arrives and it is as wonderful as you imagined. You disappear to some amazing place and begin the rest of your new life together. While you’re away, you see a few teasers come through on facebook from your day. This all helps build your anticipation. When you arrive back, you are looking forward to reliving the emotion of the day again through beautiful imagery I have prepared for you.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you would like to have with your wedding photographer, I would love to speak to you about it.

Say hi and let’s go from there.

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